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CamTech 2000™ | 1080p

CamTech 2000™ | 1080p

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Camtech 2000 is your security, spy or entertainment tool. This smart mini camera is unique.

↠ No more wasting money to be safe:   CamTech 2000 gives you real-time day and night monitoring from your smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

↠ Night vision included : This option will allow you to check your CamTech 2000 whether the light is on or not. This is also what makes Camtech 2000 the best spy cam.

↠ Smart motion detector alarm: CamTech 2000 is equipped with an alarm that will warn you of any intrusion inside your home.

 All purpose magnetic makes it easy to fix : Built in magnet with magnetic base, can stick on anywhere you want.

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